On Saturday 30 September over 350 members of Guides, The Senior Section and their Leaders Camped, Glamped or stayed in Lodges at Warwick Castle.

On our arrival we were greeted by the proud flags of guiding Midlands flapping in the wind and a huge smile from a member of the events team. Walking in to the camping field the tress spread as far as the eye could see all colours of Autumn.

After tent pitching, dinner was served, hot jackets, chicken and salad. Some members ate  under large trees, whilst others sat under canvas and some in the event tent on site.

With dinner eaten the program for the evening commenced with Story Telling, A Warrior Display, Magic Show and The Bowman all providing a wonderful display and great information about their craft and the history of Warwick Castle.

The events were outside, the rain did continue but the spirts were high and the fun shone through with the girls, jumping in puddles, booing the bad guys and shining torches on the targets so The Bowman could see. The spooky stories from a lady from the past gave tremors of excitement and giggles of nervousness in the near dark tent.

A walk back to the conservatory for Hot Chocolate and biscuits before bed. The weather cleared and the sounds of chatter could be heard all over the Peacock gardens, it was then torches out and a walk down the field to bed.

We awoke the next day to blue skies and a warm breakfast, tents down and off to watch the birds of prey show, beautiful birds and knowledge from their keepers kept the Guides, Senior Section members and Leaders captivated throughout.

A special Thank you was then given from the Region Chief Commissioner for the contributions to the Macmillan fundraising that had been taking place throughout the year.

Julie, a Leader from Nuneaton said “ Superb weekend with you all, looking forward to the next one.”

The Guides aged 10-14, Senior Section and Leaders were then free to enjoy the Castle throughout the day, Screams were heard from inside the Dungeons and arm waving from the top of the towers were a few sights you could hear and see for the rest of the fun filled day.

Further pictures are available to view in our image gallery

Many thanks to Charlotte Porter for this report