Introducing our 18 -30 Coordinator

What does the role of 18.30 Coordinator involve?

Our role as 18-30 Coordinators is to help establish the new 18-30 offer across the region, ensuring a variety of opportunities are available across the seven themed pathways, whilst supporting the growth and retention of members aged 18-30. 

What other roles do you have in guiding?

Along with my roles a Guide and Ranger Leader, I am also part of the Staffordshire County Senior Section Team. You can also occasionally find me QMing at Brownie Pack Holidays to help fellow Guiders


What relevant previous experiences have you had which led you to this Region role?


Having moved several times over the past 10 years for university and work, I've volunteered in various regions and counties. I understand the importance of flexible volunteering with this age group, and despite not necessarily being able to volunteer on a regular weekly basis, many of us are still willing volunteers and have a lot to offer the association. I have various levels of experience in working with a diverse range of people and organising events as part of my University Architecture Society, as well as more recently organising and facilitating experiences as a member of the Core Team for Girlguiding Staffordshire Service Team. 

 What is your favourite thing you have done, or your greatest achievement, as a member of Girlguiding?

This is a hard one for me as I have many great memories of things I've learnt and achieved as a member of Girlguiding, from cooking haggis neaps and tatties for 80 Guides on an open fire in the middle of a field in Gloucestershire, to flying a plane on an international trip to the Czech Republic. The greatest achievement for me though was more recently, when one of my ex Guides who now volunteers as an Adult Leader thanked me for making Guides so enjoyable, she said that alongside my sister, we were the reason she has stayed in Guiding. It sounds really cheesy but it really meant a lot to me and reminded me exactly why I love Guiding and how important it is to provide those experiences for all members.

 What do you enjoy outside guiding?

I'm a bit of a Jack of all trades and master of non, so have lots of different hobbies, but you can usually find me hiking, running, painting, singing or playing a good board game! 

What is your favourite biscuit and why?  

I'm more of a savory than sweet person, so it would have to be cheese and crackers, although I do love a Fox's Golden Crunch Cream. 

  What 3 words would you use to describe yourself? 

Creative, Thoughtful and Adventurous.