Over 500 Girlguiding members from across the Midlands descended on Paris for an action-packed, code cracking adventure.

Girls and their Leaders travelled to the French capital on August 22nd for ‘Midlands Mayhem’ an international adventure trip organised by Girlguiding Midlands. The event was open to Guides, aged 10 to 14, and members of The Senior Section, aged 14 to 25. 

Once there, girls embarked on an exhilarating challenge which saw them crack clues, locate hidden codes and complete challenges – all set against the clock. The clues led them across the city – to famous landmarks including the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Photos from the event are available to view in our online gallery.

Thanks to Sarah Cleaver for sharing this video made by members of her Senior Section from Leicestershire

The day had finally arrived in Paris, and the weather was definitely on our side. We arrived at Invalides, and started to set up, ready for the groups. Within 10 minutes of us arriving, a very nice French policeman came across to ask us what we were doing – luckily we had a letter in French explaining and all was ok!

Groups of girls started to arrive, very excited to start their French adventure – despite delays of up to four hours arriving into France the night before. The groups registered, and were all given their welcome packs and maps so they could plan their routes, and mark out the check points.

Once everyone had arrived, we briefed the teams and then with the blow of an air horn they were off! Some teams got off to a better start, with two teams in particular heading off to find the Eiffel tower without looking at a map, although the leaders did eventually convince them that it would be a good idea to stop and work out where they were.

After four hours of exploring France, with check points spread out at six various tourist attractions, avoiding guards and taking part in team challenges, the teams arrived back at Invalides ready for the finale, complete with specially made Girlguiding Midlands TapTaps.

Eventually, the winners were announced, and we ended up with a tie at the top, with Matlock Senior Section and Team Seven ending the day on equal points. They were both awarded with a trophy – with each team member also receiving a small prize.

The day was a great success, and all the teams enjoyed themselves and worked together well, despite the heat. 

Report by Faye Parker