100 Guides and members of The Senior Section attended the Young Drivers Event held at the NEC in Birmingham on Saturday 6 May.

Contributed by Hannah Oakton

Activities started with a car maintenance session where girls learnt to change a tyre, a classroom session where the girls took a mini theory test, then a driving session where the girls learnt to steer the car, manoeuvre the car and then took part in a slalom type course.

Throughout the day the girls were fascinated by the double decker bus which doubled as a lounge/coffee bar! Serving drinks on the lower deck and a seating area on the top deck, which proved useful as it was windy!

Sam, 12 a guide from West Bromwich said ‘The best bit was definitely turning the window wipers on whilst steering the car!’

Abby, 11 a guide from Little Houton said ‘I really enjoyed the steering activity; my favourite part was when we accidentally went over a line of cones!’

Julie a Leader from Birmingham added ‘This event was really well organised, executed and the girls had so much fun, smiles all round!’

Look out for another opportunity for girls to get behind the wheel when we launch Adventure in the Midlands 2018.