Assistant Lead Volunteer for Safeguarding

What other roles do you have in guiding?

I am a brownie leader and also help the county Duke of Edinburgh team with supervising expeditions.

What relevant previous experiences have you had which led you to this Region role?

My day job is a paediatric nurse in a school nursing team in which we deal with, and are involved with safeguarding.

What is your favourite thing you have done, or your greatest achievement, as a member of Girlguiding?

Wow this is a tough question as there have been so many!! My greatest achievement was being able to do my international licence and take my brownies to Disney Paris ! My favourite thing is seeing my leadership team each week as we get on so well and it's nice to catch up.

What do you enjoy outside guiding?

I enjoy going on walks with my family and spending time with my crazy 4 year old.

What is your favourite biscuit and why?

Controversial as to whether it is even a biscuit ( but it is in the biscuit isle ) so a jaffa cake !

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

Organised, determined and chatty