Rachael Norbury and Deborah Fish have been in post for 5 months now and are really getting their teeth into how they can shape the 18-30 offer in the Midlands. You may have seen us in the spring Guiding Magazine, looking suspiciously smiley whilst standing amongst some random trees. As members of this age group we have a vested interest in the offer. We are eager to explore new opportunities for a more flexible Guiding, that caters for the lifestyle of modern young women.

The 18-30 offer is both about exploring opportunities to volunteer with Girlguiding, as well as providing a social space for members to direct their own adventures and experiences. The offer is split into 7 pathways that range from ‘Adventure and Challenge’ to ‘Leading the Way’. These pathways house all the opportunities available for members to explore. 

Check out the website to find out more about the different pathways

There is also the “Just for me” aspect of the offer, which includes social events and trips. This is where the offer really comes into its own, allowing young women to lead and participate in the adventures that they want to do. Our intention is to create a series of satellite communication and social hubs across the Midlands, that will enable members to access various opportunities either as an individual, as small social groups or coming together for events as a larger body. There are already some national opportunities available, click here to find out more about the ‘Book and Go’ trips

Click here for more information about the adventure at Waddow

The offer is for young women, led by young women. As a peer group we need to be actively engaged in facilitating these opportunities. With this in mind, we have asked counties to recruit local coordinators. They will liaise with local members, coordinate events and develop opportunities in their area. If you are interested, ask your county for more information.

Please keep an eye out for more information and opportunities from both Region and Counties over the coming months. We have been working hard, with many things in the pipeline that will be on their way to you soon. We are really excited to get things moving and ensure our communications and operations are all set for the change over in September.