Introducing our 18-30 Coordinator

What other roles do you have in guiding? 

I am an Assistant Leader at a Guide unit, Young Leader Coordinator for Leicestershire, Duke of Edinburgh Expedition Assessor and Supervisor, and an occasional residential helper at a Guide unit back in the North West where I grew up.

 What relevant previous experiences have you had which led you to this Region role? 

 I came to the Midlands when I was 18 and have done a range of activities, but only really started getting involved at county and region level in 2018. I helped on a region event at Alton Towers, which was really fun, where I met some of the region team who encouraged me to sign up for more region opportunities. From this, I was selected to represent Girlguiding Midlands at the Academy in Macedonia in November 2018, where I learnt a lot about how different regions of Girlguiding and Europe WAGGGS members. This experience meant that I was keen to take what I learnt there and share it with the region, especially in terms of encouraging leadership and engaging young people. 

What is your favourite thing you have done, or your greatest achievement, as a member of Girlguiding?

The favourite thing I have done as a Girlguiding member was walk around the Isle of Man as part of the Senior Section for the Centenary in 2010. We were in a group of 10, and walked 100 miles over the course of a week on the coastal path. It was great to get to know people from across the country, with a range of experiences, and even walk with the Chief Guide at the time for a day!

 What do you enjoy outside guiding? 

Outside of guiding, I have a weekly pottery class that I have been going to for about 18 months, and reading books. I also like going for walks, but only if I can avoid the hills!

 What is your favourite biscuit and why?  

Probably double chocolate digestives, because sometimes one of my colleagues will buy them at work and we all get to share the glory of afternoon biscuit time.

 What 3 words would you use to describe yourself? 

  Practical, hard-working, caring