02 Dec 2016

Do you have a Young Leader in your unit? Thinking of starting your Young Leader Qualification? Complete our survey to let us know how we can support you.

Girlguiding Midlands are looking for ways to encourage more girls to work towards the Young Leader Qualification.  If you are a Young Leader, thinking of starting the Young Leader Qualification, a Leader with a Young Leader in her unit or a Senior Section/Young Leader Adviser, you can help us out by taking a few minutes to complete our short survey. 

Survey for Young Leaders and girls aged 14-16 thinking of starting their Young Leader Qualification 

Survey for Unit Leaders with a Young Leader

Survey for Division/County Young Leader/Senior Section Advisor

About the Young Leader Qualification

Girls aged between 14 and 18 can develop their leadership skills while supporting a local Unit by taking the Young Leader Qualification. This is designed to help a Young Leader to take an active, positive part in running the Unit. By doing this she will develop skills such a leadership, communication, and team working – all of which look great on a CV! She will be part of the Unit Leadership Team and gain in self confidence – and if she goes on to do the Leadership Qualification she will find that she has already completed several of the clauses.

The Young Leader Qualification comprises 6 modules, all of which are completed whilst volunteering with the Unit. She will need to familiarise herself with GO! and Join Us, consider different leadership styles, be involved with delivering a varied programme of activities using ideas from the girls themselves, and see how the girls develop during their time in the Unit. She will also learn about how Girlguiding is structured and how it can support her, as well as thinking about her own understanding of the Promise.

If you are lucky enough to have a Young Leader working with your Unit why not encourage her to do the Young Leader Qualification. She is not the only one who will benefit from doing it – you will find that she is gradually able to become more involved with Unit meetings and will be able to provide more support to you. But to do this she will need plenty of varied opportunities – not just running a game or serving the drinks! She will need to be treated as a valued and respected member of your Leadership Team and be supported by you as she learns how to lead. You just need to remember that while she is under 18 she cannot be counted as an adult for ratio purposes – but she will be a great asset to the Unit and the girls will have fun being with her.

Find out more about the Young Leader Qualification and have a chat with your Young Leader about it – she may not have heard of it.