10 Nov 2014

12000 members of Girlguiding Midlands + heavy rain + exciting rides = fun + new adventures + special friends + happy memories!

All this achieved in only one direction, at a great height, from side to side and upside down.

On every corner there could be found: flower pot men, silver or bronze ladies, a fox and an otter, very tall stilt ladies and the balloon bender! These were competing with Storm Force 10, Apocalypse,  Thomas the Tank Engine,  Meer Kat Station and so much more.

With all this going on – and the unforgettable weather – it was amazing how many friends recognised each other and found the time to catch up. The shops were busy, café’s overflowed and everywhere you could see giant dogs and kangaroos making their way to a new home.

The fabulous performers from ‘Guiding’s got Talent’ delighted their audience, who could only admire and applaud the girls and young women who were brave enough to perform on the big stage and share their talent for dance, music and singing. These are names to watch out for in the future.

The rain finally eased and everyone dashed about to make sure they hadn’t missed anything or for one more go on their favourite ride -  and then it was the fireworks signalling it was time to go home. The coaches and cars, laden with soggy (the new ‘in’ word) and tired but happy girls, slowly left the site. Only one coach was stuck in the mud, thanks to the planning of the Drayton Manor security team.

There’s no doubt members of Girlguiding Midlands are made of strong stuff, they don’t moan or whinge but keep smiling whatever the weather and have that special quality: ‘stickability’. Well done and thank you to all girls and leaders, to the Midlands Region organising team and staff, the Girlguiding Midlands stewards and the Drayton Manor staff.  

YOU are what made Mega Day MEGA!