23 May 2016

On Sunday 15 May, Gulliver’s Kingdom opened its gates for a very special takeover as over 1400 Rainbows, Leaders and their families arrived.

Our reporter Sian Taylor was there to capture the day as it happened. To see photos from the event visit our gallery. 

We made our way to Western World, deciding that with the hill climbing it was better to start at the top and work our way down. Here there were lots of soggy Rainbows who’d just been on the log flume, and soggy Leaders too! The girls would have stayed on there all day if they had been allowed.

Slowly the park began to get busier and soon the air was filled with the sound of happy Rainbows laughing and screaming on the rides.

As 12pm we made our way back to the castle to party on the roof with Gully Mouse, Chief Commissioner Abi Salter and the event organisers.  All across the park there were very happy and excited Rainbows enjoying all the rides the park had to offer, some now sporting some very fetching tiaras they had decorated.

As the day carried on the sun continued to hold out, we were all thankful for that, and the Rainbows didn’t seem to be tiring in the slightest. As one Leader told me, “we’ve been here 3 hours and all they want to do is ride, ride, ride.”

By 4.30pm though the girls began to tire and the park slowly began to empty. As Rachel, one of the wonderful organisers, said, “it’s been a brilliant day.”

And of course we must say a huge thank you to the amazing staff at Gulliver’s Kingdom who made sure everyone was well looked after and had a good time.