02 Feb 2017

The Doing Our Best Quality Pilot is now up and running and one Leader, Jo Appelbee from 15th Hereford St Martin's Brownies, shares what made her decide to take part and how she is getting on.

I decided to apply to do the Quality Pilot as I thought it would be great for our Brownie unit to receive the quality accreditation. We have a fantastic team of Leaders and I felt the accreditation would be a great way of acknowledging their hard work and commitment to the unit.

I asked the unit Leadership team their thoughts about participating in the Quality Pilot and they were all in agreement as long as it did not involve too much extra work! After looking through the standards, the team all agreed it would be good to put our unit forward. Shortly afterwards we were informed that we had indeed been selected to take part.

In preparation, I have photocopied the booklet so that each member of the  team (including our Young Leader) has their own copy as it is important to have the views from us all. I fully appreciate that we all have busy lives so the booklet is purely a tool to jot down any relevant notes in preparation for team discussions about how best to complete all the necessary tasks for each standard. This is also a good way for us all to highlight:

  • What we do already
  • Anything we don't currently do
  • Anything we need to improve on

After looking through the standards, I am reassured to find that we already cover most of the topics but perhaps do not always have evidence to back this up. Therefore, I think the pilot will be a good way to reinforce good practice by having all the evidence available in our portfolio.

Whilst working through the Quality Pilot I will be able to get support through the online community and I am sure support will also be available locally at county level if we need it. We will also encourage parents to be involved to assist us in hopefully achieving the quality mark for our unit.

Many thanks to Jo Apppelbee and 15th Hereford St Martin's Brownies and we wish them best of luck with the Doing Our Best Quality Pilot.