10 Sep 2015

Take some time today to update your unit details on Go! and avoid being hassled by us as we carry out a data check for the region.

As part of Being Our Best, over the next three months we are embarking on a data clean up on Go! When responding to parent enquires we often find units without main contact details which means we don’t know who the best person to contact is. Also, units whose main contact doesn’t have an email address mean that any enquiries received through Join Us are not being forwarded to the unit, meaning that girls will be missing out on joining in with the guiding adventure.

While you are updating your unit main contact details, you can also check that your meeting place data on Go! is correct, including the postcode, day and time. This means that the correct data is displayed to parents when they make an enquiry on Join Us,  helping them to choose a suitable unit first time and cutting down on the time spent by Leaders contacting parents to refer them to a more suitable unit.

We will be checking Go! for missing data so update your details today to avoid being contacted by us!