10 Sep 2015

As the new term starts, don’t forget you should be printing off your “Girls Individual Details” report from Go! to keep in line with the Girlguiding Data Protection Policy.

It is good practice to print this report, which shows the information recorded for the each girl on Go!, at least once a year. Hand each girls pages to their parent/carer for review, then update any changes and fill in any missing data on Go!, before shredding the form. 

In particular, Girlguiding are looking for  ethnicity, native (first) language and additional needs fields to be completed. If this information has not been declared then the ‘None declared’ option should be selected.

Photo and Video permissions

Have you updated your girls photo and video permissions on Go!? As of 30 September 2015 the old photo and video permissions will no longer be visible on members’ Go! records.

In 2014, photo and video permissions were updated to give parents and girls more control and reassurance over how we use their images. Starting…leaflets and Individual Details reports were also updated in line with these changes to capture the updated permissions for new members.

Only 16% of active Rainbows, Brownies and Guides have the new photo and video permissions recorded on their Go! record. A transition period of one year was set to allow members and parent/carers to update these details.